About the Author


I grew up where paper mills ruled, river towns, mostly in Maine, played high school football on fields cindery and besmogged. At Oberlin College I bought myself a motorcycle and acquired a taste for the exotic, no doubt from watching the films of Kurosawa and Ray when I should have been studying. The motorcycle was transport and image. What are you rebelling against? Whatcha got? A Master’s degree from American University’s School of International Service entrained with a growing wanderlust, and I married a girl from Tokyo. Jobs followed, from construction to truck driving to cultural exchange to programming on IBM big iron. Kids followed too, daughters who generally gave me the benefit of the doubt. My wife stuck through thick and thin. Eventually I found my way to a partnership in a Virginia contracting firm specializing in IT and tax systems. I had settled. Retired now, I write at home in Knoxville, Tennessee.



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